"The war of man against man's malice..."
~ Reverend William Foos
Caught in the fundamental conflicts of dualism, beings are trapped by the ignorance of their condition. We imagine ourselves awake, yet are still sound asleep in the dream landscape of our personal world. To awaken from this dream into the wisdom of our natural state is the purpose and perfection of practice.

The TrueSight lineage is an oral tradition. Through 'the Word', students receive instructions which point at ineffable principles. Many students glimpse these principles, or aspects of them, through the oral exchange. Each glimpse fuels the student's capability to recognize, then understand, and finally realize the principles. TrueSight is also a practice lineage, not one of theory or faith or intellectual understanding. Further realization develops and deepens as each student practices techniques and exercises specifically tailored to meet his or her needs. Gnosis is the realization and actualization of these principles.

The practices on this page are universal exercises that can be done by anyone wishing to experience practice. As with the majority of the practices in this lineage, they are invisible to others. As holds true in every esoteric tradition, the journey begins precisely where we are, with an examination of ourselves. The journey is endless and rich.

From the Do It Yourself Department

Pick a color, any color! Make it a simple color like red, blue, yellow, or green. Throughout your day, notice this color in all its variations, wherever and whenever it appears.

About a year after I started this Gnostic path, Jay and I were standing outside in front of the company Rich (a student) and his partners owned. Jay and I both worked there, as well as several other Gnostic students. I was upset about some of the insignificant things happening in the back room where I worked. Jay asked me to look at my sadness and tell him how sad I was. When I told him, he asked me to look again and recognize that I was measuring it against something. He explained that in order for me to recognize my sadness I had to have happiness arising at the same time, in equal proportions, with the same intensity; otherwise I could not say how sad I was. As we continued this conversation he gave me the practice of looking at not only what was arising but for the opposite that was arising at the same time - the measuring stick. Further, he instructed me to look for what it is that recognizes both things.

This month for the Do It Yourself practice, look at whatever emotion arises, and with what intensity. Then look at what you are measuring it against. Then look again to see what it is that allows you to recognize both things.

After doing this practice repeatedly I discovered that it is one of the most powerful practices that I have been given for taking apart duality.
~ Kat

"Belief may serve as a useful stopgap measure in the absence of actual experience, but once you 'see' Reality, belief becomes unnecessary. Indeed, at this point, it stands in the way of clear, direct perception." 
~ S. Hagen

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