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Still, Awake, It's still all there.
I see this. I feel this.
I take it from myself over and over again.
I practice to know it again and again.
I watch the walls of habit block the view,
I hear its voice use mine,
Again and Again
~ Bob
What if?

What if awareness occurs in an infinite sphere of compassion and joy
What if confusion coagulates at the core
What if as individuals we are funnels
Able to open wide to compassion and joy
Or narrow down in confusion
Constricting to hungry ghost pipettes
Or blossoming wide into
~ Omi
In the beginning you knew
Then you pretended to forget
Then you pretended to forget you forgot
Then you forgot you pretended
~ Mike
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I tried to be cool
I tried to fit in
But all I got was crazy looks.
I found out what they said about me
and what they really thought.
But all that did was make me weirder.
I try to find myself
as I watch my friend mature.
But that only makes me feel like a kid.
I try to be the best at things
and only end up failing.
But that only makes me sadder.
Still I try to find myself
Still I try to be popular
But that only makes me impatient.
I wish I was a lot of things
Including being taller.
But that only makes me feel short.
I just wish that one day
Iíll be happy being myself.
But that makes me long for the future.
This is me.
But not necessarily who I want to be.
Not Yet.
                        ~ Megan (Age 12)