Gnostic History
As we all know, history has been written and re-written, often with a particular slant. As a piece of world history, the Bible is a graphic example of this. Additionally, historians tend to record singular events and their players but rarely accord them their proper place in the context of larger events.

History will tell you that Gnosticism was born after the death of Jesus the Christ, was consistently reviled as heresy by the church, flourished between 900 and 1200 A.D., and was finally eradicated by Papal Inquisitions at the end of 1300 A.D.

All of this is inaccurate.
This revelation, though fascinating, was powerful and dangerous. After much discussion, they decided to reveal this information to Pharoah. Being an intelligent man, Pharoah made a deal; in exchange for their lives, and encouragement to plumb the depths of Reality, the priests were sworn to secrecy and would report their findings only to Pharoah. Successions of priests swore their most senior students to the full mysteries and the Pharoaic vow, ensuring the propagation of the teachings, the practices and the connection. Thus was born the first true Mystery School and this Lineage.

During the reigns of Egyptian dynasties, it was Akhenaton - often called an anomaly because of his appearance - who was a Gnostic become Pharoah. He had full access to the teachings and practices of the priesthood and mastered them. His profound insight into Reality as a living One was the driving motivation behind changing the basis of Egyptian religion from pantheism to monotheism.

According to the history of this lineage, the early Gnostics came from Egypt as the priests of Pharoah. Through practices they had learned and mastered, they were able to exercise their curiosity about the earth, the universe and finally, the Gods. Their religion taught that Pharoah was God and that God was the Sun. Since they could, these priests tested this and discovered that the sun shining in the heavens was, in fact, a big ball of fire.
The Legend of the Cathars
Particular to this lineage was one such society that was so famous and so successful it started a purge. In the south of France, in the region of Carcassonne, lie the ruins of Montsegur. We invite you to click on the link and take a brief walk through a piece of TrueSight history.
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Through the succession of the Lineage in every age, there have been a few awakened men and women. They drew to themselves others of like mind and capacity and passed the teachings and the practices down through the generations. As was the tradition, they survived mostly in secret and developed practices that were invisible to anyone who didn't know. Teachers and students deliberately propagated legends and stories of magic, alternate realities and prophecy which pointed out the possibilities inherent in mankind. They encouraged courtliness to uplift a poverty-ridden mentality. And they created secret societies to do good works anonymously. The Freemasons, Rosicrucians and Knights Templar were all created by Gnostics seeking to magnetize a better vision for humanity.
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