TrueSight Journal
Volume 9, Number 11
Autumn 2004
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The Story of TrueSight Ranch
On Monday, March 8th, I called a credit union in Boulder for members of Chogyam Trungpa’s sangha (I met the manager in the summer of 2003, and we got along well). She faxed me the necessary documents and the ball started rolling. She was a gem to work with throughout the entire process and kept everything running smoothly on the financial side. I shared my vision for TrueSight Ranch with her, and she increased the loan amount so I would have money to start building. Everything moved along without any hitches, and we closed on April 1st – only 24 days from start to finish!

During those 24 days, I bought a truck, tools, windows, and basically anything else we might need. We drove down after the closing and explored the land and posted some No Hunting signs. And on April 15th, we started building the first cabin. The rest of the story is (or will be) on the website.

To observers, it might seem miraculous that all this could happen so quickly. But the real miracle is that it doesn't happen like this all the time. And the main reason it doesn't is because we prevent it.

Mr. Greenleaf often asked students, “if we want to get from point A to point B, why do we usually end up at point C?” It’s a good question, and the answer is the basic mechanism we call horse or creature. It’s our resistance in the form of doubt, hesitation, fear, lack of trust and anything else that undermines confidence; it is the reflection of our duality and unresolved inner conflicts, and it shows up in our world as our life. So the short answer to the question of TrueSight Ranch is that there really isn’t much of a story. There was only a wish, then a decision, and everything else simply fulfilled that decision.

If you want to experience magic in your life, examine and dissolve your inner conflicts; they are the only thing preventing your ability to see and use the magic completely available to everyone. For when your heart comes forth as your life, the ordinary magic of liberated energy carries your wishes into manifestation.
Jesus said, "If two make peace with each other in this single house, they will    say to the mountain, 'Be moved,' and it will move."                  ~ Logion 48
Jesus said, "When you make the two one, you shall become sons of man, and when you say, 'Mountain, be moved,' it shall be moved."        ~ Logion 106
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