TrueSight Journal
Volume 9, Number 11
Autumn 2004
The Story of TrueSight Ranch
by Cynthia Kennedy-McLoughlin
TrueSight lineage holders have a vision of community. It isnít exactly the same vision, but that each of us has it is one of our commonalities. Back in the mid-80s, I had a vision that lasted three days. During that time, I explored an unfolding vision of community from times of prosperity through hell on earth. It was during those darkest times that I saw the real meaning of community as a refuge from terror and insanity. That vision has been with me ever since.

Several people have asked me to tell the story of how TrueSight Ranch came together so quickly. It seems that some presume it must have been planned long in advance and timed just perfectly, so that it all came together with what appeared to be flawless ease. It wasnít anything like that. But it is an excellent example of how the relative world can move in harmony with us Ė also known as magic.

                                                                      * * * * * * *

As part of the ordinary circumstance of living alone on a decent salary, I needed some tax breaks. It had been coming up since June to buy a house or some land, but there hadnít been any sense of vision so the idea had never gone past being just that.

As of Autumn 2003, I didnít have a clue what I was going to do. I only had a sense that I needed to live alone and explore what it was to build the mandala of my life without input from anyone else. I was empowered to teach, but didnít know exactly what or how without stepping on some toes. So I was just by myself; practicing, processing, and contemplating my life and future.

Then in November and December, I had a series of experiences. One of these produced the realization that I had been holding the situation in a kind of box, bound up with all sorts of limitations. Once the box broke, I was free to be a conduit for the lineage in whatever manner worked for the benefit of beings. In and around that realization was a very clear understanding that whatever I chose to do should be something I genuinely enjoyed, thus whoever was attracted to would then also likely enjoy it because the enthusiasm and inspiration are genuine. These two key points, plus insight into practicing openness all the time, opened up a whole new view.

After that happened, I re-visited the idea of buying property, and found a strong and true wish there. I recalled the days traveling between Denver and Arizona, and a particularly lovely vista near Walsenburg, Colorado that made my body sigh with pleasure. I started surfing the internet looking for property in that area. By the end of 2003, I had found a realtor I liked, my search had shifted from the Wet Mountain area farther south to Gardner, and I had narrowed the hundreds of possibilities down to a couple of dozen. I figured no matter what happened with teaching, the land could always be used for my retirement.

In January 2004, I was presented with an opportunity to buy a trailer in Boulder. It seemed possible to buy both the trailer and the land, but I had nagging doubts about the trailer situation because using it as a rental property required deception. Then the stock price hit an all-time high and I sold my stock options. Suddenly, I had the cash to make a dream come true. Now I just had to figure out which dream!

I kept reviewing the properties, trying to refine the list, and finally got it down to eight parcels that I wanted to go and see.

February was a whirlwind. There were numerous communications among the lineage holders, which ultimately resulted in a complete change of the Board of Directors of TrueSight Church. I went to Las Vegas for my nephewís 21st birthday and three days after I got home, houseguests arrived on my doorstep. Three days after that, I accepted formal responsibility for the TrueSight Lineage: Leap Day Ė February 29th. It was amazing to see how things had twisted and turned and ripened into this completely unexpected situation! It was so strange to suddenly bear the full responsibility for TrueSight, yet at the same time it was a surprisingly light load. Since I didnít have a plan or strategy for how to proceed, I simply continued in the direction I was already going.

But now I had a name for the vision: TrueSight Ranch.

The following week (March 6th), we drove down to Gardner to meet the realtor and take a look at the eight parcels on my list. I had learned a lot during my time searching the web, and most land in the area cost about $860 per acre. Those with any kind of structure were valued $10,000 higher or more, and most parcels were about 35 acres. The first parcel the realtor wanted to show me was closest to town, had double the acreage, was far more interesting in terms of land and elevation, was by far the best value and, as a bonus, backed up to another 2000+ acres of BLM land. As we got closer to the land, it became clear why; it was extremely remote and didnít have a road. However, as noted in the description on the website, Nature had provided a perfectly good road as long as you were in a 4WD vehicle!

I was quite taken with the first property, especially as we looked at all the others. It had trees, elevation, privacy, cliffs and streams, while the others were flat prairie land without trees, and most of the properties didnít have roads. When we got back to the realtorís office, I asked about putting money down on the property in order to prevent it being sold to someone else while I thought about it. That wasnít an option; it was either put up or shut up. So I made a decision to go for it and gave him $1500 earnest money. A day later, another potential buyer cropped up saying he had seen the property first, and I was glad I had followed through.
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