TrueSight Ranch
In April 2004, the land called TrueSight Ranch was purchased as a first step toward actualizing a vision of enlightened community. Within two weeks of closing, construction of the first cabin was underway. In September 2004, construction of the cabin exterior was completed. Also accomplished in September: the cabin floor was reinforced, the outhouse pit was dug and framed, solar exterior lights were installed and the firepit was dug (and used).

TrueSight Ranch is an ongoing project, and we have accomplished much in less than six months. At this point, the cabin only needs caulking to weatherproof the exterior, and then we can start on the interior. Our contractor - Barrett Construction - has generously agreed to guide and outfit our building progress for the next several years. But it will be up to us to make it all come together!

For each of us who share a vision of awakened community - one in energetic harmony with the land, the beings, the environment and each other - this is an open invitation to help create it for ourselves and future generations.
Since TrueSight Ranch is a work in progress, this page is designed as a portal through which you can explore the land, the views, the construction and the players. After each trip down to the land, this page will be updated with more links to photos and stories.
March, April & May 2004 photos
August 2004 photos
September 2004 photos
The Story of TrueSight Ranch
(from the Autumn 2004 TrueSight Journal)
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