TrueSight Ranch - Sep 9 & 10 2004
By midafternoon on Day 2, the roof was shingled and the guys were working on the soffits, fascia and trim. Regretting the loss of  the loft in the original plans, they also built an 8' x 8' loft over the bedroom for storage!

Cindy just kept digging (and digging and digging) on the outhouse pit until she hit granite 42" down. Then the guys framed the pit and covered it for the winter.
Our fearless leader, Dave Barrett
Dave and Jeffrey taking a break
We didn't get any pictures of the finished cabin because the guys had to quickly pack up and head back to Denver.

But here's a great picture of Little Sheep Mountain. There's a llama ranch at the corner of Highway 69 and the county road in the foreground (but that's another story!)

Terrific thanks to the crew of Barrett Construction:
Dave Barrett
Jeffrey Ayres
Josh Kingdon
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