TrueSight Ranch
At this time there is no road providing direct access to the property and until a road is built, access to TrueSight Ranch requires a 4WD vehicle and guide.

One of the many delightful things about this property is that although there is no official road right now, nature has provided an easy way to get there using a creek bed. So from the county road we can turn onto what is now a wide dry gulch, and follow it 1.7 miles to the property, then beyond that to the BLM.
Years ago, a 60 easement was platted in anticipation that a road would eventually be built, and this easement goes all the way from the county road to the property line. Once TrueSight Ranch has been developed to the point of being able to offer programs, a road will become relevant. In the meantime, though it may seem inconvenient to not have a road, the absence of one keeps the land as protected and pristine as possible.
Although this property is wild and rugged and virtually untrammeled because of its remoteness, there is a quality to the land that is almost tamed. Perhaps it is just simplicity arising from the absence of speed and complexity that human interaction infuses into everything. It is our hope that TrueSight Ranch remains a place of great simplicity so that all who visit may directly experience the natural wakefulness of things as they are.
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