Gnostic teachings have been passed from teacher to student through oral instruction for thousands of years. For many, many years the TrueSight Lineage has offered teachings in person.
With the advent of the Internet, a way to easily interact with people outside of the local community suddenly became viable. In October 1997, the TrueSight Lineage hosted its first live chat on TalkCity - the Gnostic Forum - and received a number of requests from around the globe for continued topical chats and more in-depth teachings. 

After six years, things have changed. Public chat is now hosted on StarChat in the channel (room) called "#enlightenup". Anyone curious about gnosis and wanting the opportunity to interact with a living tradition is cordially invited. We meet Sundays, Tuesdays and Fridays at 7 PM Mountain Time. The Tuesday and Friday chats are oriented to friends and fellowship, and the Sunday chats to teachings. You are most welcome to join us! Just use the link below.

Live chat provides a strong sense of spiritual fellowship and community, and enhances the inspiration to wake up. No matter where we live, our loneliness and sense of isolation is quelled by humor, laughter, and an immediate feeling of connection to fellow practitioners. The chatroom is an excellent place to discuss the teachings, share experiences, and address questions you may have.
Responding to the heartfelt yearning we encountered from sincere seekers, we developed the Gnostic-In-Training Program. The Gnostic-In-Training Program (affectionately called "GIT" Program) is an opportunity for those with a genuine interest to practice, study and receive instruction while living anywhere in the world.
Those participating in the GIT Program enjoy personal communication with the Teacher via email, telephone, chat and/or in person; specific practices and instruction; and a wonderful opportunity to personally experience gnosis. If you would like further information about the GIT Program, please email us at truesight@comcast.net or ask about it when you come to the chatroom.

Many people are sincerely seeking, particularly in this fast and confusing age. We are pleased that live teachings, the members area of this website, the chatroom, the Gnostic-In-Training Program and the message board can offer students the means to discover the answers they seek, within themselves. Classes on specific topics will be offered online. Please check here or the Latest News for locations, time and prices.

Members page also provides information about membership programs and subscriptions.
Beginning Sunday, August 29th, the "Keys to the Kingdom" seminar will be offered in an online class from 7 to 8 PM mountain time. This class will take place in the chatroom #enlightenup, and it is free. More information is available on the News page. We look forward to seeing you there!
Jesus said, "He who knows the All but fails to know himself, lacks everything."
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If you have questions, email us: truesight@comcast.net
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