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We are delighted to announce the purchase and development of TrueSight Ranch: a 75-acre property in the Sangre de Christo mountains of southern Colorado.

TrueSight Ranch has a wonderful mixture of level sites for cabins and 400 feet of elevation providing varied environments and stunning landscapes, panoramic views, a very auspicious natural bowl formation at the northwest corner of the property, and access to another 2000+ acres of BLM land through the southwestern property lines.

TrueSight Ranc
h: Link to detailed description with photos, satellite images and maps
Chat: As you may have already discovered, StarChat's #gnosis channel is now dedicated exclusively to Sophian gnosticism. We are exploring options regarding chat venues, and would welcome your input regarding preferences, concerns, etc
Message Board: The old message board was removed due to significant increases in internet spam and lack of administrative controls. Postings (some had already been removed) were archived before dissolution and are available upon request.
Replacing the message board is Yahoo! Group
TSGnosis. It is set up as a public group so anyone may post. Until a chat venue has been established, the group provides a means for topical communication between members and the public. Please avail yourselves of this opportunity at:
TrueSight Journal: The original True Sight Journal was originally published in 1959 as a quarterly newsletter. Its most recent incarnation was a very nice monthly publication, which required significant time and funding to produce, print and mail. In its next evolution, the TrueSight Journal will be a quarterly newsletter published electronically via email and on this website. The next issue will come out in September 2004. Annual subscription is $12
Membership: A three-tiered membership is now available to reflect your commitment and suit your needs.
- Friends of TrueSight; Benefits include a one-year subscription to the TrueSight Journal, access to the Friends area of the website, a 5% discount on merchandise and advance notice of classes and events. Dues are $25 per year.
- TrueSight Fellowship; Benefits include a one-year subscription to the TrueSight Journal, access to the Friends and Fellowship areas of the website, borrowing privileges at the TrueSight library, a 10% discount on merchandise, and access to further teachings and TrueSight Ranch. The prerequisite for TrueSight Fellowship is participation in past or present Gnostic-In-Training programs. Dues are $60 per year ($5 per month).
- TrueSight Votary; Benefits include all those of Friends and Fellowship, plus full access to the archives, restricted texts, teachings and classes, teacher training, free shipping for the first five books from the library, access to further practices and transmissions, and a 15% discount on merchandise. The prerequisite for Votary membership is the first transmission and permission of the Lineage Holder. Dues are $120 per year ($10 per month).

Dues may be paid annually or monthly, and payment of dues and/or subscriptions can now be made through PayPal using a credit or debit card. Non-payment of dues may result in suspension of benefits. Payment plans are available upon request.
Members Area: One of the most sought-after upgrades to this website is the password protected Members area. In it you will find practice and study materials, advanced teachings, a photo gallery, the archives, an opportunity to purchase restricted materials and tapes, and the entire TrueSight library index. This area is still under construction
TrueSight Church is the repository of unique teachings and practices, many of which have not been publicly available for a long time.

- Classes in TrueSight (eyeless sight) will be offered in the Denver area beginning in September 2004. TrueSight classes can only be facilitated in person and classes are necessarily small, so we are actively looking for those who have received this transmission to become teachers.
- A one-day seminar called "The Keys to the Kingdom" will also be offered in September, along with a follow-up study group. This seminar and the study group contain teachings about how to translate the Bible into a manual for practice and daily living, and can easily be facilitated online in a chat venue.

If you are interested in pursuing either of these areas of study and practice, please send an email to:
TrueSight Church has several important projects underway. The biggest is TrueSight Ranch, with emphasis on completion of the first cabin. Next is TrueSight Archives, a project to digitally preserve the lineage teachings and publications, and make them available to members. And we also have a plan to offer promotional goods that will produce income for the church.

Accomplishing these projects relies solely upon contributions. If you are inspired to make a donation by cash or check, it can be mailed to: TrueSight Church, P.O. Box 16241, Golden, CO 80402-6241. Donations by credit or debit card can be made via PayPal using the link below. If your donation is for a specific project, please make a note of it in the memo area of your check or in the comments section of the PayPal form. As always, we are most grateful for your support
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