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Volume 9, Number 11 of the TrueSight Journal (Autumn 2004) is now available for subscribers. When you go to the Members Area and access your membership, you'll find a link. Future versions of the TrueSight Journal will be in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat or Paulding to view. All material in the TrueSight Journal and on this website is protected by copyright.
Since TrueSight Ranch is an ongoing project, the link has been updated with a portal and additional links by date.
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The channel (chatroom) #enlightenup is now registered on, and is open Tuesday, Friday and Sunday evenings at 7 PM mountain time.

We are exploring the possibility of an additional hosted chat earlier on Sundays for those in significantly different time zones, and would appreciate your feedback if interested.

Please join us for friendly chat and fellowship on Tuesdays and Fridays, and topical chat and teachings on Sundays. Sunday chat logs will be available for review in the Members Area of the website.

We hope to see you there!
Deeply rooted in TrueSight tradition, "Keys to the Kingdom" is a one day seminar that introduces a method for translating the Bible into a practical manual for awakenment. During this seminar, keys are given to unlock the meaning of scriptural words. When used together in translation, the Bible takes on a whole new meaning and practical instruction becomes apparent. Post-seminar group study facilitates integration of the view, translation method and teachings.

As an experiment, the Keys to the Kingdom seminar will be offered in an online, weekly class format beginning Sunday evening, August 29th. Each week will introduce a new key and participants will be strongly encouraged to study and translate assigned passages. Once the primary keys have been introduced, this time period can be used for group study chat.

We will use the King James Version of the Bible and online versions can be found using the links below. Class is from 7 to 8 PM Mountain Time in #enlightenup, our registered chatroom on The calendar on the message board has also been updated with this announcement.

For this first effort, the class is free.
We look forward to seeing you there!

Online Bible study links:
Message Board: The message board is now Yahoo! Group TSGnosis. It is set up as a public group so anyone may post. Feel free to  avail yourselves of this opportunity at:
TrueSight Church is the repository of unique teachings and practices, many of which have not been publicly available for a long time.

~ Classes in TrueSight (eyeless sight) will be offered in the Denver area beginning September 2004. TrueSight classes can only be facilitated in person and classes are necessarily small, so we are actively looking for those who have received this transmission to become teachers.
~ A one-day seminar called "The Keys to the Kingdom" will also be offered in September, along with a follow-up study group. This seminar and the study group contain teachings about how to translate the Bible into a manual for practice and daily living, and can easily be facilitated online in a chat venue.

If you are interested in pursuing either of these areas of study and practice, send an email to:
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